Recognition and Blessing

of our Vacation Bible School Teachers and Helpers

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Words of  Introduction                                                 


Prayer (Unison)

        Loving God, you have entrusted us with the message of your power, grace, justice, and love.  We ask for your guidance, that we may be teachers and learners together.  Believing that you are in our midst, we set apart those who would serve in our Vacation Bible School.  May they serve you in nurturing the spiritual growth off all who are entrusted in their care.  Bless each one gathered here, enabling them to be channels of your grace.  We pray all these things through Jesus Christ, our Lord.  Amen.


Pastor to VBS Teachers and Helpers


        You have recognized God's call in your lives.

        Will you endeavor to develop your gifts for teaching

                so as to continue to pass on the Christian faith?

        Will you be faithful to the task,

                taking seriously the commitment of time and talent?

        Will you take seriously your role as learner,

                studying diligently the Scriptures and VBS lessons for each day?


VBS Teachers and Helpers


        We have heard God's call to teach and lead VBS for

                our church.

        We teach, trusting in God's support, sustaining grace and

                empowerment for this task.

        We teach, relying on prayer and the presence of the Holy Spirit.

        We teach, inviting others to recognize and respond to God's

                call in their lives.

        We teach, depending on our church family to uphold us in

                prayer, love and support.





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